About - HDD Creations



Located in Wandin North, VIC, HDD Creations has over 20 year’s experience in the horizontal directional drilling industry. With particular focus on custom Reamers, repairs and parts, HDD Creations aims to assist and provide for all customers requiring specialised services for this unique machinery.

The founder of HDD Creations, Daniel Leitch, is highly professional and experienced when it comes to the directional drilling industry. His vision for the business is to provide exceptional parts and custom built tooling to the local Australian community, being on call for directional drilling companies to assist when needed.

The horizontal drilling industry is a niche market, which restricts the services and parts available within Australia. HDD Creations provides the perfect solutions within Australia to eliminate the frustration of lengthy shipping times and foreign support. Simply call and HDD Creations is there.

HDD Creations additionally specialises in customisation construction of parts for unique directional drilling requirements. No matter what your company requires, HDD Creations has the solutions for you.