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For companies using horizontal directional drills, contact HDD Creations. We are on call to assist with all your tooling maintenance and part replacement needs.

Specialised machinery requires technical support, and here at HDD Creations we have the specialised knowledge to assist no matter what your company requires.

With year’s experience in the horizontal drilling industry, we understand the intricate details of this advanced machinery. Need a specialised part? No problem. The highly experience team at HDD Creations can custom create the perfect part or solution for your equipment, offering installation and support services alongside the manufacture of all custom parts.

HDD Creations additionally offers after hours support for local directional drilling companies. Our company vision is on localised customer service within the industry. No matter what your business requires, HDD Creations can assist.

Call us today to discuss your personalised requirements when it comes to Directional Drilling. We are happy to assist and discuss how our support can benefit you. 

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